How do I clean my Notts Timber Design chopping board?2017-03-27T02:26:28+00:00

Wash your chopping board in warm soapy water with a cloth or scrubbing brush. Dry lightly with a clean cloth and place in a drying rack until completely dry before storing away.

Do I need to oil my Notts Timber Design chopping board?2017-03-27T02:25:19+00:00

Yes oil or condition your board regularly with “Notts Timber Design Chopping Board and Cheeseboard Conditioner”. For best results condition after cleaning. Wipe a generous amount of conditioner on your board and leave it to soak in overnight, wipe off excess before use. Condition when the board dries out to prevent cracking generally once a month or as needed.

TIP – Use a small section of cut of T shirt 150x150mm soak in the conditioner and leave in the pot for storage. A 100ml pot will condition a medium size chopping board 15-20 times.

What is the best timber for a chopping board?2017-03-27T02:24:25+00:00

All of the timbers we use are durable and ideal for chopping boards. Red Gum is the hardest timber and best for heavy work such as using a cleaver. Huon Pine is the softest timber however it is probably the most durable and low in maintenance as it is impervious to water. The majority of our customers will choose a board on the pattern of the grain or the colour to match their kitchen space.

Do you fill the defects in your chopping boards?2017-03-27T02:23:55+00:00

NO – we leave all natural defects in the timber, we do not like the idea of preparing food on chopping boards with resin in the timber. Defects are easily cleaned, we try to cut out most defects and some are sold as seconds at reduced rates.

Can I have a board or a spoon made to a certain size?2017-03-27T02:28:44+00:00

Yes we make we make custom chopping boards and cheeseboards, the largest board we have made was 1.8m long and 500mm wide, we have also made a Huon Pine chopping board 1.0m long x 700mm wide. Most custom sized chopping boards are made using joined boards. Spoons can be made to order, please contact us with all requests.

Are Notts Timber Design boards glued together?2017-03-27T02:22:49+00:00

Generally no, we try to make all of our boards from one piece of timber. Sourcing timber in wide boards is very difficult and in some cases we have to join boards together to achieve the sizes needed.


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